VOITED outdoor blankets - the original camping blankets

comfortable | lightweight | compact | durable

The VOITED Outdoor PillowBlanket™ starts as an outdoor throw blanket, folds and snaps into a sleeping bag, transforms into a pillow, and can be worn as a hands-free cape.

We design for movement, to keep you comfortable on all your adventures. Using materials typically found in premium outdoor gear that are lightweight, breathable, water-resistant, quick-dry and made to last.

Great for travel, camping, festivals, picnics, the beach and the couch.
Explore our variety of blankets with unique features to suit every adventure.

Discover our blanket types

  • Ripstop

    137 x 203cm (54x80inch)
    weight: 1100gr (2.42lbs/ 38.8oz)

    All-round practicality

    Designed for:

    All outdoor activities

    Key features

    Easy to clean


    Chilly evenings, your basic shelter (13°C/55F)*

  • CloudTouch®

    137 x 203cm (54x80inch)
    weight: 1630gr (3.59lbs/ 57.49oz)

    Indoor/outdoor luxury

    Designed for:

    Camping, vanlife

    Key features

    higher insulation, ultimate comfort


    cool nights, when you need extra warmth (8°C/46F)

  • Fleece

    137 x 203cm (54x80inch)
    weight: 1210gr (2.7lbs/ 43oz)

    The all-weather hero

    Designed for:

    Outdoor adventures in unpredicatable weather

    Key features

    Extra warmth, wicks moisture and dries quickly


    Extra insulation for cooler temperatures (10°C/50F)*

  • Ripstop Travel

    127 x 178cm (50x70inch)
    weight: 760gr (1.67lbs/ 26.8oz)


    Designed for:

    Travel, beach, festivals - the perfect travel companion

    Key features

    Lightweight and packable


    Light cover for warmer weather (13°C/55F)*


    162 x 207cm (64x81 inch)
    weight: 1500gr (3.3lbs/52.9oz)


    Designed for:

    Camping, van life, cosy nights at home

    Key features

    Transforms easily from blanket to snug sleeping sack with superior insulation for cocoon-like warmth.


    Comfort: 8°C (46°F)

  • Slumber Jacket

    S: 1150gr (2.53oz) -
    XL: 1500gr (3.3oz)

    From adventure mode to sleep mode in one zip

    Designed for:

    All outdoor activities, camping, music festivals, jumping in after snowboarding or surfing.

    Key features

    Thermal body protection, maximum mobility


    Limit temperature 7°C (45°F)

  • Trooper

    203 x 124cm (80x49inch)
    weight: 1470gr (3.2lbs/ 52oz)

    A Game-changer in outdoor gear

    Designed for:

    Surfers, van lifers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts

    Key features

    3-in-1 versatility (poncho, blanket, hooded poncho)
    Water-resistant and breathable shell
    Eco-friendly materials from ocean-bound plastic bottles


    Optimal warmth down to 11°C (52°F)*

  • Picnic & Beach

    137 x 203 cm (54x80 inch)
    weight: 1.1kg (2.43lbs / 38.8oz)

    The lightweight blanket

    Designed for:

    For all grounds, festivals, picnics and beach trips

    Key features

    Moisture protection and abrasion resistance


    Light cover for warm days (18°C/64F)

*Disclaimer - Temperatures have been tested extensively, however the results remain subjective. Recommended lowest temperature.

Layer 1: 50D 100% recycled Ripstop Repreve® & Bionic Finish®Eco Fluorine Free Coating

Bio-based and non-fluorinated stain repellent technology that repels water and water-based stains
Tear and abrasion resistant constructed fabric using 100% RECYCLED yarns

Layer 2: 3D synthetic featherlight fibre insulation

100% recycled fibers creating a three-dimensional grid to achieve superior insulation, rebound and durability

Layer 3: 100% recycled polar fleece/CloudTouch™/Ripstop Repreve® + Bionic Finish®Eco Fluorine Free coating

Finishing with a layer of 100% recycled value added fabric for your choice of usage and added warmth and comfort