We are committed to making a positive difference with our sustainable outdoor blankets and other eco-friendly outdoor products by sourcing environmentally responsible materials and advocating for the environment.

Recycled and eco-friendly materials

We believe that it's not just about what we make, but how we make it. That's why we upcycle millions of discarded plastic bottles every year, transforming them into synthetic insulation and polyester to create our best-selling sustainable outdoor blankets and other outdoor products. We also use all-natural, biodegradable coatings to reduce our impact on the environment.

We offer both synthetic and natural insulation options, ensuring that you can feel good about the materials in our products. Our synthetic insulation is made from recycled post-use plastic bottles and our natural insulations are ethically sourced.

Trusted suppliers

We only work with trusted suppliers who meet our high standards for fair and safe working conditions. 

Plan(e)t Positive Purchase

In addition to recycling millions of discarded plastic bottles a year in the materials we use for our eco-friendly outdoor blankets and outdoor products, we are also dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet by planting trees and offsetting CO2 emissions with each of your purchases. Through our partnership with Greenspark, the Eden Reforestation Programs, and the United Nations Global Climate Action, we strive to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

With our Plan(e)t Positive Purchase initiative, every VOITED purchase you make helps us in our mission. For each order, we make a donation to our charity partners, who are experts in tree planting and conservation. They select active initiatives that will have the most significant impact at the time. Your contribution allows us to fund the planting of a new tree, supporting reforestation efforts.

We believe in the power of trees to combat climate change and protect ecosystems. That's why we have joined forces with Eden Reforestation Programs, a renowned organization that specializes in tree planting projects around the world. Together, we work towards restoring forests and promoting biodiversity.

In addition to tree planting, we are actively engaged in offsetting CO2 emissions. Through our collaboration with the United Nations Global Climate Action, we support projects aimed at reducing and offsetting carbon emissions. These initiatives help mitigate the environmental impact of various activities and contribute to a healthier planet.

By choosing VOITED and Plan(e)t Positive Purchase, you are participating in our collective effort to restore nature and tackle climate change. Our eco-friendly outdoor blankets and outdoor products are already designed using a maximum of recycled materials and are made to last to work toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Make a positive impact with your purchases and contribute to the first step in creating a brighter, more sustainable future for all! Together, we can create a better future for our planet and future generations.


At VOITED, we care about the environment and the communities we serve. We periodically support local and grassroots causes that actively protect the environment and promote well-being through outdoor activity.

With VOITED, you can buy less and buy better. Our outdoor blankets, waterproof ponchos, outdoor slippers, and changing robes are designed to last, and we want to help our customers think and live sustainably. Make a positive impact with your purchases and choose VOITED today!