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Embark on a journey of versatility with VOITED. The Slumber Jacket, your ultimate thermal companion, seamlessly transitions from a protective outer layer to a cozy sleep haven. Unzip the possibilities with the Slumber Zip Sack, a solo sleeping bag that packs the same warmth in a lighter form. Hydrate your adventures with the Mizu x VOITED Insulated Water Bottle – sip on the thrill wherever you roam. Big or small adventures, far or near, VOITED gets you outside with the right gear.

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Any Adventure, We’ve Got You Covered

As the days grow longer but the chilly air lingers, VOITED introduces the ultimate in comfort companions. Wrap yourself in the warmth of our blanket range, including Cloudtouch®, Ripstop, Travel, and Trooper – versatile enough to accompany you on any journey. For those unpredictable Spring moments, our Changewear collection, featuring our Drycoat and Poncho, ensures you stay dry and comfortable. From mountainside expeditions to impromptu beach picnics, gear up with VOITED and embrace the essence of Spring adventures, where every adventure is met with unmatched comfort and functionality.

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