Studio Ami x VOITED

Tasked only with the theme 'Playground Nature', we collaborated with the talented artist Amelie from Studio Ami to bring this vision to life. Using our blanket as a blank canvas, the result is a captivating collection of three unique designs: 'Out the Window', 'Playtime', and 'Take Me South'. Each piece beautifully encapsulates the essence of nature through the lens of playful creativity.

About Studio Ami

Amelie is an independent Art Director and Graphic Designer based in Munich. Her work spans from corporate to fashion, always infusing creativity into everything she touches. She says, "My favorite hobby is being in nature, and this theme was perfect for me to blend my work and passion together."

Amelie on Playground Nature

Amelie describes her inspiration behind the designs: "Being outside allows me to clear my head and collect new impressions. I often sit and watch, saving shapes and colors both consciously and unconsciously." She adds, "This project was exciting because I could bring together these elements on cozy blankets that merge indoor comfort with outdoor beauty."

Out the window

Celebrate the joy of being in a cozy cottage, looking out the window, and taking in the interplay of both inside and outside, merging indoor comfort with outdoor beauty.

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Take me south

Transport yourself to a Californian desert sunset, feeling the warmth and rosé-dipped canyons, wrapped in Mediterranean spirit.

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Rediscover the joy of exploring the outdoors with playful shapes and vibrant colors inspired by nature.

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