VOITED Partners with Greenspark for a Greener Tomorrow

VOITED Partners with Greenspark for a Greener Tomorrow

At VOITED, our commitment to the environment is more than just words—it's action. This is why we are proud to partner with Greenspark, a non-profit organization dedicated to making positive climate action achievable for all. Greenspark has an impressive track record: every 18 seconds, their community takes action on climate change. To date, they have planted 1.5 million trees, rescued 2.7 million plastic bottles, and offset a whopping 13.1 million kilograms of CO2. Through our partnership, we join them in these endeavours. 

Why Greenspark?

Greenspark is not just about numbers. They're about meaningful, accredited climate action. They vet projects to ensure both social and environmental goals are met, ensuring that the positive impact is felt by both the planet and its inhabitants. Among their initiatives are reforestation in Honduras, carbon offsetting through efficient cookstoves, and establishing ethical recycling ecosystems that uplift communities economically.

Focusing on Eden Reforestation Projects

A significant part of our support is channeled through Eden Reforestation Projects, a mission we hold dear. Deforestation is a worldwide concern that threatens ecosystems, local communities, and the environment. Eden combats this by employing local communities to plant trees, turning environmental action into a means to alleviate extreme poverty. Notably, in less than a decade, over 15 million trees were planted in Ethiopia alone, safeguarded by more than 3,500 community members. Today, we actively contribute to tree planting at Eden's project site in Honduras.

Apart from Eden, it's worth noting Greenspark's other commendable initiatives:

Burgos Wind Project - Generating clean energy in the Philippines, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and creating jobs for the local community.

Plastic Bank - Stopping the flow of plastic into our oceans by turning plastic waste into an income source for coastal communities.

Sugarcane Biomass Power in India - Utilizing sugarcane waste to provide renewable energy and jobs in Bihar.

As our esteemed customers, every purchase you make with VOITED contributes to these initiatives, furthering the global movement against climate change.

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